The Amended Rules

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The Amended Rules

Post by Ktsunami on Mon Jul 20, 2009 6:16 pm

These are mainly common sense things. I tried to make the list as short and simple as possible, but I have so many pet peeves it became difficult.

1. Respect other member's opinions.

2. Do not posting links to websites containing nudity or otherwise pornographic content.

3. Posts containing one word are not acceptable - two words is pushing it. (This does not apply in ABC game threads, etc.) This includes things like "I agree". "I agree" is for people who had that opinion but weren't intelligent enough to put it in words on their own.

4. Maximum signature size is 550 by 250 pixels.

5. Keep swearing to a minimum, it doesn't bother anyone every once in a while, but don't make every other word a swear.

6. Check to see if a topic already exsists before making one. Not everything requires a topic as well, check to see if you could fit what you're saying into an existing topic.

7. Do not spam/postwhore. Doing so will result in at least a temporary ban.

9. Stay on topic. I fully understand the slight sidetracking but bare in mind excessive amounts will result in a warning.

10. Three warnings you're gone.

11. Absolutely no file sharing.


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