As they had at MGM

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As they had at MGM

Post by taixyz1992 on Thu Mar 24, 2011 2:49 pm

In 1957, Barbera reteamed with his former partner Hanna to produce cartoon films for television and theatrical release.[17] As they had at MGM, the two brought their different skills to the company; Barbera was a skilled gag writer and sketch artist, while Hanna had a gift for timing, story construction, and recruiting top artists. Major business decisions would be made together, though each year the title of president alternated between them.[2]:120[9][10]:77, 146 A coin toss determined that Hanna would have precedence in the naming of the new company,[10]:Foreword first called H-B Enterprises but soon changed to Hanna–Barbera Productions.[9][27]

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