Which Nightwish song can make you cry??

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Which Nightwish song can make you cry??

Post by Ena-Gothic on Tue Apr 14, 2009 5:00 pm

Here's my looong list!

The Poet and The Pendulum
Ghost Love Score (Anette&Tarja)
Meadows of Heavem
The Islander
The Escapist
Dead Boy's Poem
While your Lips are still red
Last of the Wilds
Walking in the Air
Higher than Hope
Phantom Of The Opera

I can only say...Something BEAUTIFUL...so...POWERFUL!!! So beautiful and mistical lyrics...something that I will listen forever...Sometimes when I listen...I..."stoned" myself..and I am thinking of NW...thoose beautiful lyrics...
I will stop now...my heart will explode Sad Sad

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